The site of the Museum of the Origins of Man this year sees its 10th anniversary /TITLE> </HEAD><FONT color="black" face="arial" size="6"><CENTER> <a href=""> <B>PALEOLITHIC ART MAGAZINE</CENTER></B></a></font> <br><BR><FONT color="black" face="arial" size="4"><CENTER>Liguria</center><br><br><br> </B> <BODY bgColor="white"><CENTER><FONT face="arial" color="black" size="5">THE SITE OF THE MUSEUM OF ORIGINS OF MAN THIS YEAR SEES ITS 10TH ANNIVERSARY </CENTER></b><BR><BR><P></P> <CENTER><FONT face="arial" color="black" size="4">Pietro Gaietto</center><BR><BR><BR> <left><FONT face="arial" color="black" size="3">The site of the Museum of the Origins of Man, founded in 1999, this year sees its 10th anniversary.<BR> The number of visitors from everywhere in the world is steadily increasing.<BR> That is because we decided to renew the site. It was no renewed since 2002.<BR> As we know, this site exposes Paleolithic art, specializing in sculpture of the Lower and Middle Paleolithic, and even post-Palaeolithic art, which has affinities with the paleolithic art, to demonstrate the continuity in the spiritual tradition, and also for a more correct interpretation. Renewal, which will take place gradually over about three months, has the following objectives:<BR> 1) highlight the contemporary origins of Western Paleolithic art (Europe and Africa) and of Eastern Paleolithic art ( Far Eastern Asia);<BR> 2) explain more accessible concepts to people who do not know fully the disciplines related to this art, as Paleoethnology, Paleoanthropology or human Paleontology, the history of ancient art and Ethnology;<BR> 3) analyze the evolution of the beauty of the Paleolithic art with scientific methodology through the evolution of styles of art, since, as Paleolithic sculpture seem of rough craftmanship, nonetheless it follows the same rules of evolution of the beauty of the post -Paleolithic and contemporary art.<BR><BR><BR><BR> <P></P> <CENTER><A HREF=" pagina21.html"><FONT face="arial" color="black" size="3"><left>To the Index <NBR><P></P><A HREF=" index.html"><FONT face="arial" color="black" size="3"><left>HOME PAGE<BR><P></P> <FONT color="black" size="1"> Copyright© 2000-2009 by Paleolithic Art Magazine, all rights reserved. </font> </BODY> </HTML>