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We introduce this article of author unknown (from Cosmorama pittorico, Milano 1839), that expresses the incomprehensions between the discoverers of the " remains of the antediluvian man that is the fossil man " with his tools and the Academy of Sciences of Paris . And evidently the author was from the part of the discoverers: - First, it is rare the case, in that the Academies make as sails, and winds, and vapor for the becoming civilized; more often they fulfil the ballast office and sometimes, (also too much!) that one attributed a day to the Impediment ". We have seen after such date the sufferings of Jacques Boucher de Perthes and many others, sufferings that continue also today in the search of the origins of the art, and the spiritual aspects of the man of the Paleolithic. Under this aspect, we think that this article is always of the day.


Paleonthological Studies

- First of all, if I want very to be meant. it needs that I says to you what is Pantheology. The Geologists has given this name to the study of animals that lived before the deluge, and whose fossil boneses and remains are buried in the various earth layers forming the cortex of the globe.
- and what is this the cortex of the globe?
- Now I say it. Coming down in the mines and in pools, watching the splits of mounts and the ravines were observed that the ground, to any depth always decreased, was always made of earth layers or cliffs, placed more or less in parallel lines the one on the others in shape of beds, and that these beds were ordinary in horizontal position or little tilted Continuing to dig, it goes beyond all these layers and we come to the granite.And this we do not find in layers, but in mass: it is not superposed in more or less regular benches, and horizontal or regular beds are no more down.. People concluded, a little boldly, than the granite was the core of the globe, and that the stratified lands were the mineral cortex of the globe
- Therefore is: but what it has to make this cortex with the Paleonthology?
- It was still observed that for all the earth. in Europe, in Asia, in America etc, these layers do not change neither lace neither nature. Over the kernel of granite, for exemple, we find everywhere layers or beds of slate's schists , or argillaceous etc Over these those of carboniferous calcaria, podinghe and carbon fossil etc; - After, the layers of rose-colored stoneware marbling etc, then of shell calcaria of iridescent manna etc: - After of clay, rough lime, chalk, marl, silex lime, marl subappenninetc, finally all the formed recent layers from transport depositions, that is terras, sands, gravel evidently dragged from the high of mountains in plains from pluvial waters. and from the ravines. and therefore transported or rolled from the torrents and the rivers. And just in these last lands, that are found the remains of the antediluvian man, that is the fossil man ,like in same lands we have found the remains of anthropolites others animals and plants. - But one also says that between the remains of the ancient animals never the fossil man has been found, l'uomo fossile, and that the Academy of Sciences of Paris still denies that they exist anthropolites or fossil men.
- First, is rare the case. in that the Academies make as sails, and winds, and vapor for the becoming civilized; more often they fulfil the ballast office and sometimes, (also too much!) that one attributed a day to the Impediment . Second, the ballot of Cuvier holds still binded the getlteman of the Academy. But go to a cave near Liege, and I will show to you a being that without doubt you will recognize. It is the same that you see designed on the last page of this number of the Cosmorama.

- The Fossil Man ?
- Yes, Sir.
- Devil! He seems a monkey!
- And that you want! It therefore was so made, and the characters of its race are still, but splitted, in the living nature
- What! And that head with that prominent snout...
- Scrupulously it was designed over a found fossil skull in sands of Baden near Vienna. However some Etiops offers still the same figure to you
- And those thin legs without thighs and polpe. These feet depressed of length a lot out of proportion
- If you take the uncomfortable one to consult the great edition of the travel of captain Dumont Durville, you will see in the beautiful gravures adorning it that the inhabitants of the port of the king George. and of many others contrade of the Oceania. have little buttocks, coscie and calves of my fossil man, and that they have the foot equally long and crushed.
- But that thumb that separates from the other fingers of the foot like the thumb of the hand?
- If you have seen of the wild ones of Brazil, or of some population near Cajenna. you observe that you gave had the thumb of the feet separate. and nearly antagonistic to the other fingers. Therefore they ride very well, because with this firm thumb of the foot they holds himselfs to their stirrups of rope excellently
- But, my sir. I never did not see a man hairy how much a bear .
- Because the continued use of the dresses made this first garment of the nature useless. Let read the Writing and you will find Esał hairy how much a kidskin. And still exist little individuals for this respect not inferior to the son of Isac.
- Why do you have put a stone axe in hand?
-Because in the cave near Liege they are found, mixed to boneses of men, rhinoceros, bears etc, various objects of the human beginning industry: f.e., a needle made with a fish-bone; a bone thicked in tip: pieces of silex shaped in way of arrows, knives, axes.

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