Letter to the Editor from Joannes Richter


An unusual way had to be followed by a small group of archaeologists to unveil the ancient cult of the palaeolithic Sky-God.
At archaeological excavations in the second half of the past century archaeologists discovered a great number of dual-headed palaeolithic sculptures. Licia Filingeri identified the hermaphroditic character of these idols. Following her analysis I completed the missing links to the classical creation-legends: the dual-faced palaeolithic sculptures belong to the androgynous representations of the common Indo-European Sky-god Diaeus. At the 7th of March, 2009 I have published the resulting report at the online-marketplace for digital informations:
The cult's analysis starts with a classification of found sculptures, which have been created in an astonishing variety and number by palaeolithic peoples in southern France, in Northern Italy, in southern Germany, in the Ukraine and in Siberia. These people must have kept a close contact by travelling. Pietro Gaietto concludes:
"The sculpture is the main artistic application for the representation of the divinity. The God, generally, was two-faced".
As a remarkable additional detail Gaietto discovered a sculpture depicting the face of a Neanderthal along the face of a Homo sapiens sapiens: Neanderthals and Homo sapiens have been living in peaceful co-existence.
The psychoanalyst Filingeri analysed the dual-faced sculptures and compared these to prehistoric religious representations on pottery and coins. For the ancient Italic deity Giano she claims: "Originally one of both faces was always bearded, one clean-shaven; later they were both bearded". The oldest deities revealed to be hermaphrodites.
Analysing the vast number of androgynous sculptures I identified the characteristic symbolism in the common Indo-European Sky-god Dyaeus, whose "hermaphrodites" refer to the famous creation-legends in Plato's Symposium and to the various variants of the Genesis-legends, in which God creates an androgynous being and later splits this creature Adam into a male and a female person. In analogy to Schliemann's discovery of Troy the author considers the Platonic legend and the ancient sculptures as the remains of a common and global ancient androgynous religion - the predecessor for modern religions.
In my book "Dyaeus" I describe our predecessor religion in its youth, in which people were aware they shared one common religion and a singular sky-deity. The list of androgynous sky-gods implies the well-known names of Zeus, Jupiter, Yahweh and Tyr.
In a great number of details I have found the archaic remains of an old religion, surviving in the personal English pronouns "U" and "I" and in a number of traditions. In the Bible I discovered the secret coding for the colours Red, Blue and for Purple twining, which may be found as God's orders in the Books Exodus respectively Chronicles and in the Celtic tomb at Hochdorf near Stuttgart, Germany.

Note from the Editor: Joannes Richter lives as an IT-specialist and independent author with his wife and his son in southern Germany. The report of his study titled "Dyaeus" has been published at



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