Pietro Gaietto

On November 24, 2002, on this Magazine I published the 2001 discovery of an anthropomorphic sculpture I found in Borzonasca (Italy), with a report "A human portrait carved 200.000 years ago described by the teaching methodology of the Archeoarteology".

The news was picked up in 2003 by Dr. David Whitehouse on the BBC news Science website, and spread through the Internet.

The interest for the sculpture of Borzonasca, thanks to the BBC's report, made to increase considerably the visitors of this Magazine and of the site of the Museum of the Origins of the Man founded and cured by me, overcoming in a week the many thousands of visits from every continent, as demonstration that the art and the spiritual culture of the prehistoric man interest a greater public than the one passionate about Paleolithic lithic tools.

In 2002 new disciplines were in vogue such as Archeoastronomy and others just born. Therefore we thought to give to the studies of the art of the Lower and Middle Paleolithic the name of Archeoarteology, in the attempt to give them a greater evidence, also with reference to the palethnologists, interested exclusively in the material culture. In fact, still today the palethnologists that collaborate to the encyclopedias make to go back the origin of the art to the Upper Paleolithic not beyond thirty thousand years ago, when authoritative scholars have discovered and dated art for up to three million years (lithic sculptures).
It is a further demonstration of the great gap of interests in a same discipline between scholars of the material culture and scholars of the spiritual culture, but so it should not be, because it is still the prehistoric man who manufactured tools and sculptures.

But then, after some time, we scholars of art of the Lower and Middle Paleolithic realized that the name of Archeoarteology, as definition of a new discipline, was of no usefulness, and we abolished it.
We specify therefore that the studies of the Paleolithic art and of the spiritual culture of the prehistoric man, as set by us, are integrant part of the Palethnology, the science that studies the civilizations of the prehistoric Peoples.



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