Phylogenesis of Beauty:why?

A moment of great analysis, after five years of reflection, aimed to synthesize and systematize data collected in a life spent in research on the field; an extraordinary event: the new treatise by Pietro Gaietto, "The Phylogenesis of Beauty,Universal Evolutionary Theory", pp.607, with 1161 color photos and drawings , that you can read and watch as a movie, being accompanied by 1161 color photos and drawings.
The origin and evolution of beauty has never been the subject of scientific studies, why? Gaietto responds fully to this question, and shows in his treatise that beauty is everywhere.
Since Man, considered from the zoological point of view, is an animal (an anthropoid ape), Pietro Gaietto has added his products, including Art, in the development of general beauty of Nature, noting that they follow the same rules of tranformation of physical form of living beings, in all geological Eras, during hundreds of millions of years.
In reference to the Tertiary and Quaternary, the analysis is directed exclusively to the tools and the Art of Man.
With absolutely new criteria, are presented the origin and evolution of Western Civilization with three-dimensional art (sculpture) and of Eastern Civilization with two-dimensional art (painting and engraving), which, on the basis of recent absolute dating, begins 3 milions years ago and is ending at the dawn of historic times.

December, 2008, in the website of, you will find the english translation of the book, PHILOGENESIS OF BEAUTY-UNIFIED THEORY OF EVOLUTION
Free download of Introduction, Table of contents and first three pages of Chapter 1.
The book will be available at and also from in both English and Italian.

Licia Filingeri (Editor)

Genova, 2007, November and preview 2008, December



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